Faculty of Technoscience was established by the University in its 5th Meeting held on 27th May 2014 in Muni University, Arua, Uganda.

The vision of the Faculty is in tandem with the vision of the University – to be a model and professional Faculty for transformation and development

The mission of the Faculty is to produce and use scientific knowledge, and provide quality education to innovate entrepreneurial solutions to societal problems.
The Faculty's strategic objective is to educate students in academic disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

It is envisioned that the Faculty in the medium and long term will consist of three (3) departments:

  1. Computer and Information Sciences,
  2. Mathematics and Statistics, and
  3. Biological and Physical Sciences.

To-date, the University has established the Department of Computer and Information Sciences which hosts – Bachelor of Information Systems and Bachelor of Information Technology.

Andogah Geoffrey, Ph.D
Dean, Faculty of Technoscience