The Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at Muni University was established by the University Council in 2019, and became operational in 2020.

The vision of the Faculty is to be a center of excellence in agricultural and environmental science education, research, and innovation for community empowerment and transformation.

Its mission is to train competitive agricultural and environmental scientists for societal transformation.

The core objectives of the Faculty are to:

  1. Produce globally competitive graduates in agricultural and environmental sciences.
  2. Conduct fundamental cutting-edge and applied research.
  3. Contribute to agricultural innovations and environmental conservation for sustainable development.

The Faculty currently comprises three departments:

  1. Crop Sciences.
  2. Animal Sciences.
  3. Agricultural Engineering.

In contributing to achieving Muni University’s mandate, the Faculty is engaged in teaching and learning, research, and community engagement activities.The Faculty is currently implementing one undergraduate program, the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.

Alfred Alumai, PhD
Dean, Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences