I thank the Almighty God for keeping us alive until today and His continuous provision, He granted the Nation and in particular West-Nile Region this great Muni University. To the new students, I take this opportunity to congratulate all of you for making it to Muni University. I welcome you all to this great University where you will get quality education.
In Muni University, we have a well established student leadership (Guild government) through which student issues are handled and addressed to the University management through the Dean of Students (DoS).
Currently, there are twenty three (23) Guild officials fully elected by the students among which includes the Guild President and the Vice, Guild Speaker and the deputy, Secretary General and the deputy, twelve Ministers and five Guild Representative Councilors.

The Guild Officials will be available during the new students’ orientation week. They will be coordinating the daily activities and also to help the new students access the available Hostels and settle. Feel free to approach them for assistance.

There are many Guild activities that will keep you occupied and engaged at all times. These among includes the following;

• Sports
The University embraces sports and fully supports the Guild in its endeavors to participate in games and sports. Muni University is one of the giant public Universities in West Nile Region that participates fully in Arua District Tournament every year. You are welcome to join the University’s team and make the University shine forever.

• Leadership
In Muni University, every student is given an equal opportunity to participate in Guild elections. During Guild elections, students are not allowed to associate with National political parties but to form their own political parties within the University. Apparently, there are political parties on ground among which includes;

  1. Muni University Students Trans-cultural Party (MUSTP)
  2. Muni University Student Innovative Party (MUSIP)
  3. Muni Action Party (MAP)

You are free to join any Political party and participate actively as a member. These political parties are not to cause division and are NOT based on tribe, religion and culture. Any party that will be noted for causing commotion will be canceled and removed from the University.

• Culture
Muni University is a trans-cultural University. To appreciate and promote our cultural values, the Guild will always organize cultural galas yearly where the winners are awarded prizes. Come and be part of the event. Your tribe could stand a chance to win the grand prize.

This is a very serious issue and your security starts with you. The continuing students are more informed about their surroundings. Please always ask for assistance from the continuing students when you are not so sure of a person. In case of any problem, seek help from your friends, Guild officials, Security officers of the University and the Dean of students or any staff member. Avoid late hour movements and where necessary move in groups.


  1. Guild President
  2. Guild Speaker
  3. Secretary General
  4. Ministers
  5. Guild Representative Councilors (GRCs)

May the Almighty God protect you and grant you Journey mercies as you come to Muni University

Okot Felix Otim
Guild President
Muni University